Market Opportunities for Snail Farming

Most of the snails supplied to the African market are collected from bushes and forests during the rainy period normally between April as well as September. Due to the fact that snails are very inactive during the completely dry period, they end up being increasingly scarce during this period and the market is deprived of adequate supply until the next wet season. This makes the supply of snails extremely seasonal in lots of components of Africa where they function as food. Therefore, snails can bring a lot greater costs during the dry season December to March when supply frequently does not stay on par with need.

Snails could take place break during the dry seasons but the human hunger for its taste always remains, as well as remains to grow throughout the year. And also to believe that numerous festivities occur during the dry period Christmas et al, makes this a first choice agriculture. Due to progressively expanding need from customers, resorts as well as restaurants are constantly looking for snail delicacies on their food selections. And provided the substantial benefit to the earnings that can be made, it makes a great deal of feeling to take optimum benefit of this market when the supply of snails is significantly short. There is also growing need in Europe for giant African snails. Aside from their fantastic preference, lots of people abroad prefer to maintain them as pets and also keepsakes because of their sheer dimension I was amazed as well! But do not bother you are most likely to be very active pleasing the local need to trouble about exports.

Market Opportunities for Snail Farming

Nevertheless, it is still excellent to know that such foreign market opportunities exist for this small business. As a Small starter, your main goal should be to take advantage of the seasonality of this market in order to gain premium prices for your snails. Target the high-end consumer hotels, dining establishments and families who could pay for to pay a premium for a consistent supply of the product. If you provide all year round, you are most likely to gain minimal throughout the stormy seasons when supply remains in abundance and also more in the completely dry seasons when the product is limited.

Yet to attain this, there is a crucial problem. The dimension of your snails has to be big and ‘intimidating’ enough to regulate a premium high rate. For this to happen, you need to start your snail farm with the appropriate varieties the Gigantic African kind and also guarantee that you apply appropriate breeding, stocking as well as feeding practices to attain the huge sizes that will certainly make you a highly sought after vendor. If your snails are reproduced well, they should start to reach market size from six to twelve months, although some farmers want to leave their own for a lot longer. Navigate here for further information.

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